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What we do

  • Automatic infrastructure provisioning and configuration using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Packer, DeployNow & Docker, Terraform, DeployNow & Mesosphere
  • Multi-Tenant, secure SAAS solutions for AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, rackspace, google compute, vCloud Air, openstack, KVM and other clouds
  • Integration development to create IT solutions using ITSM suites: BMC Bladelogic, BPPM Monitoring, IBM Tivoli suite, HP ITSM suite, ServiceNow...
  • Application health monitoring using icinga, ganglia, graphite, carbon, nagios, ELK, Lamda and its integration with iTop, OTRS and similar products.
  • Cloud Integrations & SAAS .

  • Who are we

  • We are hardcore developers. Traditional skills like C++, Java mixed with latest technologies like Django, Cassandra, Mongo, Ruby helps us to create a strong foundation for great software solutions.

Delivering fast is good; delivering fast without errors is critical.

Inspired By Great Minds.

Amazing Services

Opex DeployNow, TestNow, LoadBalancerOne and SmartiX form a common platform allowing users to do Continuous Deployment without a single click. Tested stable configurations are deployed and managed. Deployment time is reduced from several weeks to a few hours. Our solutions use smart analytics and artificial intelligence to adapt to changing infrastructure needs.


Raise productivity, quality and speed, all together! Reduce release cycles, lower costs.

Infrastructure Automation

Add agility to your infrastructure through automation, Cloud and configuration management

Cloud Migration

Move traditional apps to scalable and secure SAAS solutions


Deploy your application ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, on any cloud, in minutes!


Get results of your tests (URL,functional,load) across hundreds of browsers, in minutes! Mindblowing reports!


More power to IT Admin & Developers! Managing loadbalancers - multiple biz services made easy!


Makes normal people look smart with Smart Analytics! Understand the overall picture in minutes.


"We are thrilled with the excellent work that the Opex team has done for us. Their capabilities and expertise in IT Automation and cloud computing arena have been instrumental in the delivery of the product. Their evaluation and consultancy helped us save huge amount of time. They have led the product architecture ensuring scalability, robustness and operations on clouds like Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services and our local openstack platform. I would highly recommend them for any cloud related projects. "
   - Director of Engineering, Cloud Platform company, France.

" Opex's DeployNow platform and their IT Automation expertise was instrumental in architecting and developing a solution that took our end-end time down from 2 days to 8 minutes! DeployNow and Opex DevOps skills zoomed our productivity multiple times. "
   - CEO, ISV, USA

" I have always received excellent service from Opex Software. Timing and quality have always met my expectations. They have true understanding of enterprise class software delivery. "
   - Software Architect , Cool-Vendor of IT Co(Gartner), Germany

" We consider the Opex team a development partner who has proven to be creative in helping us open the Indian market, have delivered projects for our customers, and have exceeded our expectations routinely. "
   -Global Partner Manager, IT Automation company, USA

" Opex truely understands the niche area of DevOps, and the adjacent technologies in this area! Opex has very passionate people who simply focus on getting things done and delivering! The experience of working with Opex is truely satisfying! "
   - Director, Fortune 100 company, Singapore

Technology Partners

Together with our partners, we create industry-leading solutions, develop deep technical and strategic knowledge, and deliver results.

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About OpexSoftware

We create automation solutions. Opex Softwares key skill is to blend open source technologies with customers investments to create a winning solution at a reasonable cost.

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