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Do You Need To:

Streamline Your Continuous Deployment?
Monitor App KPIs & Alert On Problems?
Identify Root Causes Of Downtime?


Hi-Speed Infrastructure And Operations

Do You Need To:

Monitor & Troubleshoot Cloud Workloads?
Manage Full Stack Log Analysis?
Improve Your App Performance & Uptime?


Automated Compliance And Security

Do You Need To:

Quickly Complete Your PCI & Other Audits?
Get Intelligent About Threat Management?
Spend Less Time Scaling Your SIEM &
More Time Using It?



We Automate Everything



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Amazing Services

Accelerate DevOps Adoption with Opex DeployNow, TestNow, LoadBalancerOne and SmartiX!


Create cross-browser, cross-platform test infra, performance lab infra in minutes. Consolidated reports!


"Opex DeployNow platform reduced our infrastructure deployment time down from 8 hours to 28 minutes!"
- Head, IT Infrastructure, ISV, USA.

"You guys are truly amazing! Thank you for thinking ahead. I have already recommended you for cloud related projects."
- Director of Engineering, Cloud Platform company, France.

"You understood our requirements faster than anybody else we have worked with! Now we 'manufacture' a hardened OS with base infra on AWS, DO and VMWare within minutes, and with more confidence"
- Software Solutions Architect, Monitoring Software ISV, Germany.

"Very sleek code for load balancing across AWS availability zones! Fantastic implementation of auto-scaling. Impressive stuff!
- CTO, Cloud Solutions company, Virginia, USA.

"Microservices implementation with Docker containers is top notch. Opex has always kept us with latest and greatest stuff in DevOps. ."
- Sr. VP, Fortune 100 company, Singapore.

Technology Partners

Together with our strategic partners, we create industry-leading solutions, develop deep technical skills to deliver amazing results.

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